Our Staff

The U.S. Dream Academy is helping our nation's children reach for their dreams. Through academic, social, and values enrichment, we empower those children most at risk of incarceration to believe in themselves and to succeed.

Across the nation, there are millions of young people living in high crime and high poverty communities, who fear they may not live to be an adult. For those young people who also have a parent incarcerated, the future may be even more bleak. For these young people an absent parent, family instability, the stigma and shame of parental incarceration converges with poverty, crime and failing public schools to create a dangerous mix of risk factors that significantly increase a child's chances of school failure and future incarceration. Without an intervention this cycle will continue.

Our National Office Staff Members

  • Dr. Wintley Phipps, Founder and CEO
  • C. Diane Wallace Booker, Esq., Executive Director
  • Jacqueline Patterson, Deputy Director
  • Michael Brown, Director of Finance
  • Lavarr Zuber, National Program Director
  • Patricia Barnes Brookes, Founder/CEO/President
  • Samantha Shepherd-Chappell, Executive Assistant to Executive Director