The Chair’s Challenge: “What about the children?”

From COVID-19 to racial inequality, our children are unduly burdened with heart-breaking concerns like “will I ever go back to school?; will I be next?; will I one day say I can’t breathe?” Sadly, for many of our children who have a family history of incarceration and/or are already falling behind in school, the current crises compound their undeservedly high levels of stress and anxiety. Constructive support and encouragement poured now into their current mental and emotional wellness, will likely favorably alter their future well-being and dream path.

The resurgence of the current social justice movement seems to have prompted questions from a broad spectrum of genuinely concerned people: “What can we do to help ease some of the concerns of our children have? How can I make a difference”?

Miles Walked: 210

J. G.
AdventHealth Orlando