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Learn More About Virtual Mentoring

In partnership with Angel Tree, the U.S. Dream Academy is extending a special invitation for your child(ren) ages 9 to 17 years old, to receive a mentor in our Virtual Village.

    Children with mentors are more likely to:

      Attend college

      Have a better attitude towards school

      Have increased social and emotional development

      Have improved self esteem

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What is the Virtual Mentoring Village?

Virtual Village is an online version of our in-person mentoring program. Volunteer mentors and Dream Academy staff work in partnership with parents to support students across varying stages of development by offering guidance and support.

Who are the mentors?

Our mentors include college/university students, retired seniors, and working professionals.

Are mentors background checked?

Yes! Each volunteer mentor undergoes an in-depth screening that includes a criminal background check, interview, reference checks and training before they are matched with a young person.

How often do sessions occur?

Young people and mentors meet once a week for one hour of mentoring.

Are the sessions safe?

Yes! Additionally, all sessions are monitored and recorded for the safety of our young people and volunteers and take place on our secure mentoring platform, Mentor Cloud.

How will the sessions benefit my child(ren)?

Through mentoring, students are equipped with the tools and support they need to make their dreams a reality.

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Parent Testimonial

Deborah’s confidence level has increased. In addition, her behavior in school has improved. She has a different outlook in understanding school work and completing assignments. She also has learned to develop better coping skills in learning how to handle problems. She speaks very highly of Ms. Tanesha and is excited on the day when her mentor arrives. I am totally impressed with Ms. Tanesha. She is well rounded and a perfect match for both my children. We simply love her.

Mentee Testimonial

My name is Kandes, and I’ve been involved with Dream Academy for 6 years. Before I came to Dream Academy, I had behavioral issues and some called me a “problem child”. I heard about Dream Academy from my cousins who were already attending, and I started to go to Dream Academy programming. Ms. Tanya began working with me and started to mentor me. I stopped getting in trouble and haven’t been in trouble in a long time. I’m now attending Western High School and looking forward to realizing my dream of one day being a nurse.

Mentor Testimonial

If you’re reading this, Ricardo, I want you to know that I love you. You’ve taught me things that I never thought I’d know and added a dimension to my life that I never thought I’d have. Your interest in learning and willingness to try new things make you special, and I hope you continue to hone those qualities as you grow into a man. I promise that I’ll be there, in one form or another, to help you do so. For anyone else out there who is reading this and is looking to make a difference, whatever your motivation may be, I encourage you to consider mentoring. Just be warned, it may change you.