Video - Why Oprah Supports The U.S. Dream Academy

Watch Oprah Winfrey and Howard Schultz, founder of Starbucks, as Oprah talks about why she selected U.S. Dream Academy as one of her favorite charities to support through the Oprah Chai Tea partnership.

“Joining Dream Academy was hands down the best decision I ever made. . . without Dream Academy I would probably not be in college right now.”

  • Christine Baron University of Central Florida

“They ask you all the time about your goals and they gave me ideas for where to go to school and even helped me with applications.”

  • Orlando DreamTeen

“Once I get from my last class, I can’t wait to get to Dream Academy. We get to do some fun stuff.”

  • Houston Dreamkid

“He is more humble. He comes straight home. I don’t even have to ask about homework because he sits right down and does it.”

  • DreamParent

“I would want other parents to know that the program will help them, too.”

  • DreamParent

“The workshops help me see more about why she acts like she does.”

  • DreamParent

“The Dream Academy targets some of the highest risk kids we serve. They focus on a need that other programs don’t.”

  • DreamStaff

“The Dream Academy helps students to connect to school. So many struggle with motivation but are now getting more involved. Dream Academy students are doing robotics club, becoming part of the Black history talent team, and trying harder in school.”

  • School Principal

“I’d tell someone thinking about becoming a mentor (with the Dream Academy) to ‘just do it!’ You can help yourself and someone younger than you find the right path.”

  • DreamMentor

“My mentee changed a lot over the year. He started paying more attention to his grades and was studying more. He definitely improved academically.”

  • DreamMentor

“I’ve seen my mentee’s confidence grow. She is more comfortable in her surroundings.”

  • DreamMentor