Chad Williams

Chairman and CEO, QTS

Chad Williams has served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer since founding QTS in 2005. Under his leadership, QTS has grown from a single, 35,000-square-foot facility in 2005 to become one of the largest and fastest growing data center providers in the United States, owning, operating, and managing over 3.8 million square feet of secure, state-of-the-art data center infrastructure supporting more than 800 customers.

Prior to founding QTS, Williams was CEO of Quality Group of Companies (QGC) a diversified holding company with businesses operating in a wide range of industries including Real Estate Development, Architecture Design, Office Furniture and Vehicle Leasing. The Williams family has owned and operated QGC since 1962, when it was founded by Mr. James L. Williams, Williams' father. Williams took over leadership of the company in 1988, and in 1998 started to diversify and refocus QGC towards real estate. Under his leadership, QGC has expanded to include a multi-state property portfolio built around the development of special-use, mission-critical facilities for both the private and government sector.

As QGC's national real estate portfolio grew, QGC began acquisition and development of mission-critical data centers. Williams' vision was primarily focused on designing and building a national presence for providing world-class, highly-secure, redundant facilities for the nation's growing IT needs. Williams' decision to purchase the Suwanee facility in suburban Atlanta in 2005 served as a catalyst for the foundation of QTS.

Williams is on the board of the U.S. Dream Academy and is involved in numerous other charities in the Kansas City area. Williams lives in Lenexa, Kansas with his wife and three children.

Other Staff Members

Advisory Board

Delbert W. Baker, Ph.D.
James Lyons, PhD.
Hon. Connie Mack
Jim Payne
Benjamin Reaves, D.Min.
Carol H. Williams
Willie Woods