Jody Victor

Treasurer, U.S. Dream Academy Board of Directors / President and CEO, MarkerNET, Inc.

Jody Victor is the President and CEO of MarkerNET, Inc. Upon graduation from The Ohio State University and while serving in the US Army/Ohio National Guard rising to the rank of SSG/BN, Mr. Victor launched his own business in 1970. JEV, Inc./MarkerNET, Inc. went from a small marketing business to a worldwide sales and marketing distributorship. Today his business operates in 80 countries around the world.

Mr. Victor has been in demand as a motivational speaker to share his attitudes, stories, and self-help programs to audience’s worldwide before millions of people from all walks of life. A book was written about his successful journey to become one of America’s inspiring success stories.

Mr. Victor has been the recipient of the treasured “Polish Heart Award” which is presented to an individual by the Polish government and in concert with the Roman Catholic Church (President Jimmy Carter was the last American to receive the Award prior to Mr. Victor). Mr. Victor served with Doug Wead (advisor to President George H W Bush) on a two year White House initiative representing small business.

Mr. Victor currently serves on the Board of the American Heart Association, the Hall of Fame Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the US Dream Academy (Founding Member), the Activa Mutual Fund and the Independent Business Owners Association International (IBOAI). His work serving on the IBOAI for 28 years is most noteworthy. The IBOAI has elected Mr. Victor as President of the Association Board an unprecedented four times as well as holding many offices and awards. Mr. Victor has served on the IBOAI Board Legal and Ethics Committee for over 23 years. Presently Mr. Victor serves on the IBOAI Board as Hearings and Disputes Chairman, as well as Chairman of Governance and Oversight.

Mr. Victor and his wife Kathy have three grown/married children and six grandchildren all living in Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. Victor are very active in community and civic affairs. Together they have built baseball fields, soccer fields, and Crown Field in their hometown which resulted in Mr. Victor induction into the Greater Akron and Ohio Baseball Hall of Fame.

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