Perhaps the most significant way you can contribute to the U.S. Dream Academy is to mentor a DreamKid. Our DreamKids face tremendous obstacles in their lives including poverty, low-performing schools, and often the incarceration of a parent or close family member.

A committed, caring adult can make all the difference, helping a child bridge these gaps, find self-esteem and direction, and realize dreams. That individual must be available, willing to listen, and willing to share. That individual can be you!

DreamMentors commit to mentoring a child at a U.S. Dream Academy Learning Center one hour each week for at least one year. This level of involvement ensures the relationship between you and your mentee develops and flourishes. You can select a regular meeting time Monday through Friday, between 3 and 6 pm. You and your mentee may choose to work on a structured activity, read a book, or simply talk about life. The possibilities are nearly limitless. If you have questions, your Mentor Coordinator will be at the Learning Center to help.

If you are ready to change a child's life, you can fill out the brief online form below and we will contact you.