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Philadelphia, PA - Contact Information

G.W. Childs Elementary School
1599 Wharton Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146-3196
Phone: (215) 339-1090

Philadelphia, PA - Our People

Philadelphia, PA - Creative Connections

University of the Arts, based in Philadelphia, has been an outstanding partner of the Dream Academy for the past 3 years. Established in 1876, the University of the Arts is one of the nation's only universities dedicated solely to educating students in the visual and performing arts and design. As part of their courses each semester, 18 UARTS undergraduate students teach various electives to our DreamKids in different forms of art. These electives have included Animation, Photography, Drama, Dancing, Drawing, Writing, Public Speaking, Clay Making, Painting, and many more. Recently, UARTS (teachers) and DreamKids transformed everyday items like buckets and pots into a drumline, and they then produced wonderful music.

After completing the teaching of their courses, some UARTS students have returned to the Learning Center as mentors – both as one-on-one mentors and as group mentors – further cementing partnerships that outlast the scope of a single course project. (clearly the UARTS students get something from their courses) DreamKids first get their artistic tickle on, and then they get to enjoy long-term mentoring with artistic (mentors) who can assist them in (furthering) their artistic visions as well as paint a (something) future for themselves. Thank you for your continued support, UARTS!

Philadelphia, PA - An Electrifying Visit

The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) made a visit to the Dream Academy to instruct DreamKids on how to build electric motors! It was a fun and engaging activity that allowed DreamKids to utilize their science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills. Building an electric motor first seemed impossible to many students, but as the lesson continued and they began to make progress in their experiment, DreamKids were filled with excitement as the electric motors started working. It was an exciting activity and a great way to learn how science is so intricate to our lives. The experiment prompted many questions and kindled a desire in DreamKids to undertake another STEM activity.

NSBE’s mission is to increase the number of culturally responsible Black Engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community. We have started our very own NSBE Jr. Chapter! NSBE Jr. Chapters provide students in grades 6–12 with fun, educational STEM activities and events through NSBE’s Pre-College Initiative (PCI) program. In PCI, students discover firsthand how engineering and technology relate to the world around them and discover the excitement of academic excellence, leadership, technical development and teamwork. We are joining NSBE in their pledge to help graduate 10,000 Black engineers by 2025.

Philadelphia, PA - Our History

Recognized as “Center of the Year” in 2008, the Philadelphia Learning Center helps students at G.W. Childs Elementary School develop useful skills, positive characters, and attainable dreams, despite negative circumstances.

Located in an economically and culturally diverse community in South Philadelphia, the Learning Center provides mentoring and tutoring to students who are falling behind academically or who have a parent or family member who is currently incarcerated.

The Philadelphia Learning Center also provides a six-week summer program that offers golf lessons, photography, dance, and music programming in addition to Dream Academy program components: skill, character, and dream-building activities.

Philadelphia, PA - Our Partners

Aberdeen Asset Management

Board of Pensions for Presbyterian Church

Drexel University

Duane Morris Law Firm

National Society of Black Engineers - Greater Philadelphia Alumni Chapter and Drexel University Chapter

Rock Reach Dance School

Tools for Success

University of Pennsylvania - Wharton School of Business

University of the Arts

Philadelphia, PA - Photos