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Vincent Beale

There is a somewhat small sector of leaders in the business world; individuals who are able to construct relationships, trust, and an affinity with almost anyone. They are then able to align common interests, and form associations between people, creating partnerships and alliances and motivating forward momentum to achieve a common goal.

Vincent W. Beale Sr. is an entrepreneur, known for his tireless work ethic, energetic presentation, and a philosophy of “If we take care of now, it impacts yesterday and tomorrow.”

Vincent has 47 years of diverse business experience across several business sectors, which include the food industry, securities and investment banking, and currently the healthcare industry.

He began charting his destiny, and breaking barriers at Kraft Foods Inc., being one of the first five African Americans hired to represent the company in sales and marketing. He was highly sought after in the food industry and recruited by the Green Giant Corporation as a Regional Manager.

After 12 years of success in the Food Industry, Vincent took advantage of an extraordinary opportunity in the stocks and bonds business. Where he excelled in a regional brokers firm, after nine months he was number one in the company. From there he was highly recruited by the major Wall Street Firm Paine Webber (UBS). Where he became the number 1 producer out of 5,000 brokers. He was then sought after by Jack Welch the CEO of GE, which owned the brokerage firm, Kidder Peabody.

In 1997 Mr. Beale acted as a consultant to Cynet Inc, a telecommunications company. In January of 1998, he was elected Chairman, President, and CEO, where he quickly grew the business and on Martin Luther King’s Birthday, January of 2000. The Houston Chronicle reported that Cynet became the first African American-owned company in Houston Texas to begin publicly trading its shares, under the symbol CYNE. In 2011 Beale founded MHH Inc, a healthcare marketing company, which owns full service and specialty pharmacies, and labs. He currently continues to consult and expand distribution networks for the company. Vincent is a proud father of eight children, seven boys and one girl. He currently resides in the Woodlands Texas with his wife Suhailah and the two youngest boys Joshua and Noah. Vincent believes “When synergies are formed and interests are aligned we can achieve maximum success.”

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