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Renee Angelo

Renee holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, African & African Diaspora Studies from St. Mary’s College of Maryland and is currently pursuing her Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management from University of Maryland University College. She holds certifications as a Community Conferencing Facilitator, Peace Circle Facilitator, and a CPR/First Aid certification.

Renee has over ten years of experience in youth development. Some of her previous experiences include managing and directing the afterschool program with Boys and Girls Club, working as the service coordinator for The Choice Program where she helped the youth meet probation requirements, and serving on Charm City Fringe as the volunteer coordinator for the past few years. Her most recent role was in recruitment, where she provided year-round recruitment support to provide 45 Americorp members per year to serve intensive one-year AmeriCorps contracts.

One of Renee’s accomplishments includes forging a partnership between the Charm City fringe and the Choice Program to provide an education initiative called Youth in Action movement to empower the youth to use art as a platform. Renee loves volunteering and being of service to others and finds the interaction the Mentor Coordinator position has with the volunteers and students very appealing. When it comes to the youth, Renee believes that consistency of presence, accountability, and a good support system is key to youth development. The youth are looking for ways to have a voice, and the aim is to help them access that voice. She believes it has to be done from a strength-based approach; keeping boundaries, and helping the youth access their own power.